Shift up into the next gear!

Shift up into the next gear!

The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA is THE place to get updated on latest technical developments and applications on automotive transmissions for conventional and alternative drives. Exchange experiences, discuss technologies and strategies with automotive experts from USA, Asia and Europe.

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The Expert Summit that drives mobility – 13th International Congress and Expo | 13 – 16 May 2019, Novi, MI, USA

Follow-up report on the 13th International CTI Symposium USA 2019

In May 2019 around 650 participants from 17 countries came to Novi to join the 13th edition of the CTI SYMPOSIUM. This event is among the biggest worldwide to bring together managers an experts from the automotive, supplying and high-tech industries. This expert meeting focus­sed the specifics of drivetrain electrification for the North American market, especially looked at truck electrification, and what customers expect from powertrains.

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CTI Mag: “ZF Delivers Fuel-Sipping Innovations to Advance Mobility.”

Improving fuel economy while delivering the vehicle performance consumers demand has been a challenge that automakers have faced for years. And, today, developing zero-emission mobility has become increasingly important to meet emission regulations. Advance driveline technology is a key enabler allowing the industry to better meet the balancing act between government requirements and vehicles consumers want to drive.Continue reading

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