Thermal Management for EVs – the key to peak efficiency

On their search for new ways to boost EV efficiency, designers keep coming back to thermal management. Optimizing coolant and refrigeration circuits for different components is proving to be a highly complex task – but one that offers decisive energy and cost saving opportunities.

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Are truck and van e-drives ready for the mass market?

So long, diesel! Numerous companies are willing to switch faster to zero-emission fleets – providing the e-trucks on offer are attractive in terms of ROI and technology. Creative concepts with proven solid axles look promising here. CTI Symposia – setting the pace in zero-emissions mobility As a seismograph for emerging trends, CTI symposia were quick […]

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For the second time running, this year‘s 15th CTI Symposium USA took place digitally due to Covid-19. But as chair Dr Hamid Vahabzadeh said when greeting participants, this has also changed the work of engineers in the automotive industry. This year there was even stronger emphasis on the two panel discussions. Their topics were complementary: […]

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Like its predecessor, this year’s 15th CTI Symposium USA used a digital format. This did nothing to detract from the lively discussions on how best to continue the process of electrification. Besides two expert discussions, covered in an own article, and eight technical sessions, nine plenary speeches showed what’s moving the industry. Read more in […]

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Breakthroughs needed for viable electrification of commercial application

Gary L. Horvat, Vice President – eMobility, Navistar, Inc., USA

Plenary Speaker at CTI SYMPOSIUM USA on 9 September 2021, 09:10 AM EDT

Watch Gary Horvat´s pre-video for CTI USA now. Gary will be discussing “Breakthroughs needed for viable electrification of commercial application” at the symposium 2021.

After the merger Navistar is part of the TRATON. Together they want to meet the challenges of new regulations and rapidly evolving technologies in connectivity, powertrain and autonomous driving for our customers worldwide even better and quicker. The group is going to invest almost two billion dollars in electrification by 2025 – part of it could help Navistar to push BE and FC/H2 programs.

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The role of TIER 1 suppliers in the transformation towards e-mobility

Dr Otmar Scharrer, Senior Vice President, Research & Development Electrified Powertrain Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany Plenary Speaker at CTI SYMPOSIUM USA on 9 September 2021, 10:10 AM EDT The automotive industry is facing a tremendous transformation as the number of electric vehicles (EV) is increasing. However, this development comes along with challenges in terms […]

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Future of hybrid technologies

Michael Solt, Global Head of Transmission, Driveline and Axles, Stellantis N. V. More than a century old dominance of the ICE propulsion system is in decline but no one can predict how quickly this may happen. Pundits estimate that by the end of this decade or early next decade a quarter to a third of […]

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