Breakthroughs needed for viable electrification of commercial application

Gary L. Horvat, Vice President – eMobility, Navistar, Inc., USA

Plenary Speaker at CTI SYMPOSIUM USA on 9 September 2021, 09:10 AM EDT

Watch Gary Horvat´s pre-video for CTI USA now. Gary will be discussing “Breakthroughs needed for viable electrification of commercial application” at the symposium 2021.

After the merger Navistar is part of the TRATON. Together they want to meet the challenges of new regulations and rapidly evolving technologies in connectivity, powertrain and autonomous driving for our customers worldwide even better and quicker. The group is going to invest almost two billion dollars in electrification by 2025 – part of it could help Navistar to push BE and FC/H2 programs.

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The role of TIER 1 suppliers in the transformation towards e-mobility

Dr Otmar Scharrer, Senior Vice President, Research & Development Electrified Powertrain Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany Plenary Speaker at CTI SYMPOSIUM USA on 9 September 2021, 10:10 AM EDT The automotive industry is facing a tremendous transformation as the number of electric vehicles (EV) is increasing. However, this development comes along with challenges in terms […]

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Future of hybrid technologies

Michael Solt, Global Head of Transmission, Driveline and Axles, Stellantis N. V. More than a century old dominance of the ICE propulsion system is in decline but no one can predict how quickly this may happen. Pundits estimate that by the end of this decade or early next decade a quarter to a third of […]

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Optimization of Hybrids from the Powertrain Level

In view of today’s primary energy mix along with infrastructure and storage limitations, it is important to develop technically and economically feasible short-term solutions based on real driving conditions and current powertrains, in addition to electrified solutions.  A vehicle with an electrified powertrain introduces many additional energy flows to consider in comparison with a conventional […]

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How Energy Matters in Mobility Post Pandemic

Alexander Edwards, President, Strategic Vision, USA Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) interest, consideration and adoption have gone through changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while BEV owners love their products regardless if it is a Leaf or Model S, owners and shoppers found some of the compromises required to make to purchase a new BEV […]

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ADS EVO helps automate electrified vehicle testing

The development of electrified vehicles (EVs) is advancing at a rapid pace due to tightening worldwide emissions regulations and the acceleration of electrification strategies. In the lab, these tests require more driving time to complete as each generation of EVs pushes the boundaries of range. Compared to traditional IC engine vehicles, a different driving automation […]

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CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2021 – Agenda out now

The CTI SYMPOSIUM USA 2021 focusses on the Path to Net-Zero Emission. Exclusive speeches by Ford, GM, Stellantis, MIH Foxconn, Navistar Inc VIA Motors will share latest insights in strategies and technologies on 8 and 9 September. On 8th September OEM representatives from USA and ASIA will discuss about the current Battle between BEV and Hybrid. On 9th September an supplier panel […]

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Take your business to a new level

A community is all about networking. That’s why CTI SYMPOSIUM USA DIGITAL especially focuses on targeted and interest-based linking with participants. Take this opportunity to network with your target group for valuable contacts. Insights and advantages of the new digital platform will include:

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