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Follow-up report on the 13th International CTI Symposium USA 2019

The Expert Summit that drives mobility – 13th International Congress and Expo | 13 – 16 May 2019, Novi, MI, USA

In May 2019 around 650 participants from 17 countries came to Novi to join the 13th edition of the CTI SYMPOSIUM. This event is among the biggest worldwide to bring together managers an experts from the automotive, supplying and high-tech industries. This expert meeting focus­sed the specifics of drivetrain electrification for the North American market, especially looked at truck electrification, and what customers expect from powertrains.

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Follow-up report on the 12th CTI SYMPOSIUM USA


Electrification not only increases the variety of drive solutions, it also requires more complex electronic control systems. Developers are more and more confronted with topics like functional safety, diagnostics, advanced driver assistant systems or autonomous driving.

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Post Report USA 2017

The post report of the US Transmission Symposium is out now!

Increasingly, transmissions are becoming part of a connected system that extends beyond the
powertrain and the vehicle. So it’s not surprising the 11th CTI Symposium USA grew again with
now 660 participants, three-quarters of them from North America. Transmission developers’
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