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8 September 202107:00

Opening of the Platform

8 September 202108:00

Warm Up

Morning Coffee & Tea

8 September 202109:40

Networking Time

Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

8 September 202110:10PLENARY SPEECH

General Motors Hydrotec - Land, sea, & air power mobility solutions

  • Looking beyond hydrogen fuel cell passenger vehicles and into commercial and novel applications expanding on Hydotec fuel cell solutions
  • Pursuing a strategy that electrifies the portfolio and expands business into non-traditional markets, leveraging Ultium Battery and hydrotec fuel cell solutions
  • Solving customer problems while having sustainable hydrogen fuel cell business case
8 September 202110:40PLENARY SPEECH

Future of hybrid technologies

  • Highlights of today’s hybrid technologies
  • Current market trend for xHEV & PHEV
  • Future xHEV & PHEV strategy and the tie in with BEV
8 September 202111:10PLENARY SPEECH

Electrification revolution – ICE to BEV transition

  • Electrification drivers – global outlook
  • Key challenges and technology enablers
  • Electrification at Ford
  • 2030CY scenario
  • Summary and conclusions
8 September 202111:40PLENARY SPEECH

Leading a fast transition to electric mobility

  • Shift towards electrification globally and North America
  • Future requirements for product platforms
  • The next generation of modular electric axle drives
8 September 202112:10

Lunch break

8 September 202101:00

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8 September 202102:15


  • E-Drive
    Driving the high speed e-axle in the vehicle with DC boost converter
    • High speed e-axle with 30.000 rpm and high power density
    • DC boostconverter, design and requirements
    • Simulation results for driving a 800V electric drive with variable voltage
    • Results in the vehicle with a real battery

    Matthias Schneck, System and Function Development Engineer, AVL Software and Functions GmbH, Germany

    Electrification trends in North American powertrain
    • Electrification strategies of North American manufacturers
    • Impact of regulations on US sales market
    • Forecast overview 2020-2030

    Michael Fiske, Associate Director, IHS Markit, USA

    All electric full-size pick-up truck
    • E-drive system system
    • Battery electric pickup truck vehicle integration
    • E-machine enablers for 24k rotational speed
    • Unique and compact integrated inverter design utilizing SiC MOFSET

    Joseph Mueller, Executive Director – Platform Electrification & ECS, AAM, USA

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    BMW iX: 5th Generation eDrive & Sustainability

    Jan Freimann, Head of Connected eMobility, BMW of North America, LLC

  • E-Motors, Power Electronics
    Trends in traction e-motors and inverters for BEV applications
    • E-motors benchmarking and design trends
    • Inverter benchmarking and design aspects
    • Technology trends in traction drives
    • Future aspects for BEV application

    Joel Deussen, Manager E-Drive and Electric Vehicle Engineering  e-Mobility, FEV, USA

    SiC/GaN drives the high voltage architecture evolution for future 400V and 800V platforms
    • Cost gap closes between 400V and 800V
    • Wide-bandgap devices enable new topologies
    • High voltage architecture evaluation: efficiency, cost, integration
    • Cost versus efficiency: what pays off?

    Ayman Ayad, High Voltage System Engineer, Vitesco Technologies, Germany

    10-20% EDU performance improvement through disruptive cooling methods
    • Highly integrated electric drive unit thanks to innovative oil cooling methods for electric motor and power electronics
    • Comparison of new cooling methods and conventional cooling methods in performance, weight, packaging and cost
    • 10-20% performance improvement of the electric motor through disruptive cooling methods for the inverter

    David Hawke, Team Leader – Electric Machine & Power Electronics, Ricardo UK Ltd, UK

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    Designing electric motors for EV and HEV applications
    • Requirements of motor design
    • Motor topologies and options
    • Motor selection and optimization to meet requirements

    Faizul Momen, Senior Design Engineer, General Motors, USA

    Inverters for high voltage SiC heavy duty class 8 truck traction drive
    • High power density inverters for commercial vehicles
    • High voltage silicon carbide traction inverters
    • Mechanical, electrical, software, and systems design for inverters

    Steven Peelman, Chief Engineer, Ricardo, USA

  • E-Vehicle
    How in-wheel motors enable unique vehicles for enhanced market share and margin
    • In the future there will be more EVs than there are consumers to buy them
    • In-wheel motors enable unique brand-building vehicle variants for OEMs to build market share
    • Use of in-wheel motors can enhance range, especially on 4WD vehicles
    • Designs with in-wheel motors are highly modular and can be transferred to many vehicle types

    Dr Richard Ford, Chief Engineer, Protean Electric, UK

    Synergies of the modular and scalable XbW REEcorner and REEboard for commercial vehicles
    • Smart corner module integrating suspension, powertrain, steering, and friction brakes
    • Proprietary XbW technology for individual wheel drive, brake, and steering control
    • Holistic and modular hardware and software architecture

    Dr Mathias Metzler, Control Engineer, REE Automotive, Israel

    E-axle components outlook 2030+

    Technology and supply chain dynamics for the increased adoption of integrated e-drive solutions

    • Global and regional market demand for alternative propulsion vehicles
    • Technology trends for e-axle components (transmissions, motors, and inverters)
    • Supply-Chain trends for e-axle components

    Michael Southcott, Senior Technical Research Analyst, IHS Markit, UK

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    Life Cycle impact on future powertrain mix
    • Objective comparison of hydrogen-, electric-, fossil- and synfuel-powertrains
    • Life cycle assessment of all powertrain types and energy/fuel production
    • Impact of life cycle footprint on powertrain mix scenarios on fleet level
    • Potential of life cycle optimization beside consumption, costs and TCO

    Dr Christoph Danzer, Team Manager, IAV GmbH, Germany

    Real-world emissions performance of PHEV vehicles
    • Approach to emissions and state of charge measurement
    • Impact of battery size and range when the vehicle is not charged
    • When the vehicle is not charged, what are acceptable levels real-world CO2?

    Nick Molden, Founder & CEO, Emissions Analytics, UK

  • Components
    Novel damper solution to powertrain torsional isolation challenges
    • Transmission torsional isolator
    • Drivetrain vibration
    • TCC slip and fuel economy

    Dr Dongxu Li, Staff Researcher, General Motors, USA

    Smart Park Lock Actuator – Seamless Integration through Systems Engineering
    • Actuator Functional Safety Concept
    • Plug & play functionality
    • Server-centric HWEE architecture

    Alexander Schalja, Product Manager Actuators, Vitesco Technologies, Germany

    Adapting to customer requirements through configurable, modular, and performance scalable shift by wire/park lock actuator design
    • Modular design with optional manual release and return-to-park
    • Performance scalable based on functional requirements
    • Configurable actuator meets diverse needs while reducing cost and timing.

    Aubrey Nofzinger, Product Engineer, Dura Automotive Systems LLC, USA

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    Automatic gear topology screening - Optimal NVH behaviour in e-drives for supersport applications
    • NVH improvement from gear excitation through housings to mounts
    • KISS-soft based algorithm for ideal microgeometry and NVH
    • Hybrid- and multi-unit electric drive with extreme NVH demands

    Jian Li, Development engineer, hofer powertrain, Germany

    Developments in active transfer case efficiency
    • Issues associated with 2 speed active transfer cases relative to parasitic losses
    • The desire and potential benefits of minimizing losses and the impact on fuel economy
    • Test results and measured parasitic reductions
    • Ramifications relative to low speed/low-range operation and the desire for disconnecting the secondary drivetrain

    Joseph Mastie, Technical Product Leader, BorgWarner Inc., USA


  • Virtual Development
    Accelerate HEV and PHEV calibration
    • A new approach for driving strategy assessment
    • Objective driving strategy assessment by key criteria of the electrified powertrain
    • Objectifying driving strategy assessment – Paving the road to virtual calibration

    Alexander Pichler, Project Leader Software, AVL GmbH, Austria

    Usage of virtual calibration within powertrain development projects
    • Powertrain calibration
    • powertrain-in-the-loop approach
    • Process driven
    • Time and cost effective

    Ralph Fleuren, Product Manager, FEV Europe GmbH, Germany

    Full system dynamic modelling of an e-powertrain from battery to road
    • Accessible approach to multi-physics modelling
    • Calculation of road-induced gearbox shock loads
    • Maximised engineering productivity through flexible modelling and solution technologies

    Barry James, Chief Technical Officer, Romax Technology, UK

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    The value of data - Highly efficient validation of e-drive systems
    • Achieve challenging project targets with data analytics methods
    • Data analytics methods within an e-drive SOP project
    • Continuous model calibration and refinement
    • Machine learning algorithms enables failure prediction

    Günter Winkler, Lead Engineer Transmission & E-Drive, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Modular systems for sustainable electrified powertrains
    • Overview modular powertrain platform
    • The modular platform for batteries
    • Sustainable aspects of electrified powertrains focussing on the battery
    • New ECO-design for batteries

    Michael Clauß, Technical Consultant, Battery Innovation Manager, IAV GmbH, Germany

  • 02:15
    Integration of Elika + VFD = Variable flow with Fixed displacement
    • Marzocchi Elika gear tooth design
    • Marzocchi Elika family range
    • Electrification – advantages over conventional variable displacement pump
    • Electrification – advantages over conventional gear pump

    Mr Andrea Rimondi, North America Product Engineer Designer, Marzocchi Pompe

    Advanced PEEK Polymer Solutions to Support Future Mobility
    • Electrified Vehicles and Drivetrains Pose New Challenging Environments
    • Superior E-Motor Insulation Strategies Utilizing PEEK and PEEK Film
    • PEEK Gears offer Cost-Effective NVH Enhancements
    • PEEK Soltions for High-Speed Insulated Bearings and Bushings

    Chris Slowinski, Sales Team-Leader – Auto Americas, Victrex

    Advanced Cold Formed Products for ICE and EV Powertrain Applications
    • Cold Forming Basics
    • Product Design for Cost Effective Cold Forming
    • Current Cold Formed Powertrain Parts
    • Advanced Cold Formed Parts & Future Possibilities

    Tim Cripsey, Vice President, Metal Forming & Coining (MFC)

    HORIBA Road to Rig Testing for xEVs
    • Application of HORIBA Torque Matching (HTM) to xEVs
    • HORIBA Torque Matching – Replication of xEV Road Tests in Lab
    • HORIBA Torque Matching (HTM) Replicates Road Tests in Lab

    Leo Breton, Technology Development Director, HORIBA

8 September 202105:15

Networking @ WonderMe

9 September 202107:00

Opening of the Platform

9 September 202107:30

Warm Up

Morning Coffee & Tea

9 September 202108:10PLENARY SPEECH

MIH: The Android of EV

  • Next generation EV open platform
9 September 202108:40PLENARY SPEECH

How energy matters in mobility post pandemic

  • Changes in BEV interest, consideration and adoption due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Compromises which prevent owners and shoppers from purchase
  • Impact of the pandemic on customer mobility, desire for BEV and their demands
  • Forecast of BEV market and how to increase real BEV considerations
9 September 202109:10PLENARY SPEECH

Breakthroughs needed for viable electrification of commercial application

9 September 202109:40

Networking Time

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9 September 202110:10PLENARY SPEECH

The role of TIER 1 suppliers in the transformation towards e-mobility

  • Overview on EV-market developments
  • Success factors within the transformation to e-mobility
  • Current projects at ZF related to success factors
  • Relevance of tier 1 for transformation of industry
9 September 202110:40PLENARY SPEECH

Challenges and progress in electrification, batteries, and hydrogen

  • Review of tremendous technical progress to date
  • Challenge and progress in batteries and electrification
  • Challenge and progress in hydrogen
9 September 202111:10

Networking Time

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9 September 202112:45

Lunch & Refreshment Break

9 September 202101:30

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9 September 202102:15


  • HEV Drives
    Technologies setting a new benchmark for efficient PHEV solutions
    • Requirements for future PHEV technology to reduce real-life CO2 emissions
    • Benefits of advanced predictive powertrain strategies and connected services
    • New DHT approach with regard to transmission architecture and increased electric range
    • Specific CO2 reduction results obtained with a B-segment technology demonstrator

    Dr Harald Naunheimer, Senior Vice President, MPT Engineering, Magna Powertrain, Germany

    New generation highly efficient Toyota hybrid system for mid-size SUVs and Minivans
    • Highly optimized system configuration delivering >25% Fuel Economy improvement over previous generation
    • Maintain acceptable acceleration performance despite significantly downsized engine
    • Improved drivability response and drive force

    Nick Vernon, Senior Manager, Toyota Motor North America, USA

    Scaling the functionality of a DCT-based dedicated hybrid drive (DHD) plus
    • The new DHD plus considering segment-specific requirements
    • Functionalities for higher vehicle segments
    • Solutions for best possible efficiency and performance

    Dr Sebastian Idler, Engineering project leader HV Hybrid, Transmission Systems, Magna Powertrain, Germany

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    Coordinated torque, energy and clutch control strategy for parallel modular hybrid transmissions
    • Parallel MHT
    • Transmission shifting control coordination
    • Electrified powertrain energy utilization
    • MHT shift performance and drive quality enhancements

    Dr Darrell Robinette, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, Michigan Technological University, USA

    48V road map from hybrid to city BEV mobility
    • Market trends
    • Wave 1 : CO2 targets
    • Wave 2 : fun to drive
    • Wave 3 : city cars BEV 48V

    Paul Amiroli, System Platform Director, Valeo Powertrain Electrical Systems, France

  • E-Motors, Power Electronics
    Development of high power density traction inverter for plug-in vehicles using SiC technology
    • Traction inverter
    • Wide bandgap device
    • Power module

    Dr Mohammed Khorshed Alam, Senior Engineer, General Motors, USA

    Electric drive design by automatic optimization
    • E-motor design optimization by design of experiments
    • Modular and scalable design approach
    • New 70kW to 350kW e-drive platform

    Joris Bronckaers, Product Architect, Punch Powertrain, Belgium

    Advantages of eAxle Disconnect Systems

    David Davila, Director Business Unit / Transmission Sub Systems, Schaeffler Group USA, Inc.

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    Advantages of double side cooled SiC modules in an electric-drive inverter application
    • Challenges/comparison of semiconductor-technologies for traction inverter applications
    • Influence of parasitic effects on switching dynamics and EMC
    • Holistic development approaches using DSC-modules
    • Conclusion and outlook

    Peter Weiss, Hardware Developer, AVL Software & Functions GmbH, Germany

  • Multi-Speed E-Axle
    Novel 2 speed e-axle concept
    • Novel approach for achieving a very high efficiency 2-speed e-axle
    • Multi-plate dry clutches to enable powershifts without loss of traction
    • Enhancing driveability and smoothness
    • Lightweight and cost-effective solution for SUVs and LD applications

    Christian Schmidt, Project Manager Design, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Flexible electro-hydraulic actuation systems for multi-speed electrified drivetrains
    • Requirements for actuation systems electrified drivetrains
    • Presentation of newly developend flexible electro-hydraulic concept
    • Highly efficient actuation of shift elements by high and low pressure systems

    Alexander Nees, Supervisor Application Engineering Hydraulic Controls, BorgWarner, Germany

    Heavy-Duty E-Axle for Demonstrator Truck
    • Design and geometric vehicle integration
    • Integration of E/E and cooling system
    • Operating strategies with different objectives

    DI Juergen TOCHTERMANN, Lead Engineer Driveline Design & Geom. Integration, Felix Bayer, M. Sc., Technical Expert Commercial Powertrain Systems, AVL Commercial Driveline & Tractor Engineering GmbH, Steyr, Austria

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    New CVT solutions for the diversified powertrain future
    • Efficiency improvements for both combustion engines and electric motors
    • CVT contribution to the acceptance of autonomous driving
    • Pushbelt advancements for higher torque applications
    • E-CVT powertrain for various vehicle segments
    • EV demo-car application

    Francis van der Sluis, Senior Engineer and Product Owner Electrification, Bosch Transmission Technology B.V. Netherlands

    Design, control and implementation of the only truly synchronously-shifting, clutchless transmission
    • Synchronous shifting – a paradox finally solved
    • Spiral sprocket segment – momentarily oblong chain path
    • Powertrain torsional dynamics throughout a synchronous shift

    Anthony Wong, Chief Technology Officer, Inmotive Inc, Canada

  • Commercial Vehicles Electrification
    Medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle electrification global trends
    • Medium and heavy duty truck and bus electrification trends – 2030 in the global market
    • Medium and heavy duty truck and bus electrification trends – 2050 in U.S market
    • The future trend of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles powertrain

    Greg Genette, Senior Research Analyst IHS Markit, USA

    Powershift capable electric machines driven powertrain in heavy duty dumper series use
    • Introduction
    • Concept description and optimal matching
    • System control and operation result

    Cao Zheng, Managing Director, eKontrol GmbH, Austria

    New e-drive for electric CV powertrains
    • Market requirements for electric CV’s
    • Package vs. functionality
    • Identification of optimal powertrain settings for various eCV´s
    • E-drive concept for electric CV powertrains

    Rico Resch, Project manager, IAV GmbH, Germany

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    Shaping the future of emobility in public transport
    • Sustainability goals
    • emobility products
    • Future products

    Sebastien Braun, Head of Axle and Transmission Systems for Buses and Coaches, North America, ZF North America, Inc., USA

  • E-Drive II & Lubrication
    Electric beam axle with integrated inverter
    • Electric beam axle for light duty trucks utilizing next-generation edrive systems with 24k rpm emachines, high-reduction gearboxes and highly integrated inverter.

    Greg Marsh, Senior Technical Manager, AAM, USA

    Modularized hybrid powertrain requirements analysis suited to different needs
    • Development trend of electrification analysis from multi-dimensional perspective
    • Hybrid vehicle type and powertrain market analysis
    • Analysis of hybrid powertrain requirements and technical combination
    • DFM current powertrain and future development planning

    Dr. Yan Jun,  Director Engineer, New Energy and Powertrain Department, Dongfeng Motor Corporation Technology Center, China

    Edrive fluid selection: Conventional vs next generation linked to real world outcomes
    • Relation of fluid properties to vehicle performance
    • Comparison to real-world requirements
    • Comparisons of ATF, MTF and new fluids for e vehicles

    Christopher Cleveland, R&D director, Afton Chemical, USA

    Networking Time

    Take your Coffee, Meet your Peers & Stroll through the Digital Exhibition

    Understanding and optimizing lubricant heat transfer characteristics for electrified drivetrains
    • Lubricants design for thermal performance for electrified drivetrains
    • Understanding thermal properties for performance impact is critical
    • Modeling and real world testing are important to understanding heat transfer performance

    Christopher Prengaman, Research Engineer, Lubrizol Corporation, USA

    Improving gear and thermal efficiency of electric vehicle transmission fluids with the use of new group V base stocks
    • High efficiency electric vehicle fluids
    • Low traction, high thermal conductivity base oils
    • Extending electric vehicle driving range using high efficiency group V base oils

    Alexei Kurchan, Applications Manager, Croda, UK

  • 02:15
    Useful Remaining Life Prognostics from Digital Clones
    • Digital Clones Including Material Microstructure
    • Accurate Prediction of Material Failure Events
    • Determination of the Probability of Failure
    • Enabled by Connected Vehicle Technology

    Nathan Bolander, CTO, Sentient Science Corporation

    Multi-Speed Transmission with Uninterrupted Shifting for EV & IVT for Hybrid using Geneva Mechanism
    • Need for Multi-Speed Transmission that shifts uninterrupted
    • Need for non-friction dependent IVT for Hybrid
    • Use of custom Geneva wheel mechanism in IVT and MSTUS

    Charles Clinton, Sales Director, Eco Nova Tech
    Raja Rajendran, President, Eco Nova Tech

    Marsilli Distributed High Density Winding Technology for Electric Motors
    • An “out of the box” innovation beyond the current technologies available on the market
    • Newly patented winding and assembly solution for high performance motors
    • Designed to satisfy the industry’s needs for efficient motors with high performance at both low and high speeds
    • Conceived to be a milestone for the drivetrains of tomorrow

    Kumar Rajasekhara, CEO, Marsilli North America

    Crossing the RUBICON to a Sustainable Future: A new perspective on urban transportation
    • Autonomous Transport-as-a-Service as a potential disruptor
    • Outline design of a potential vehicle Lifecycle cost and CO2 per passenger mile analysis
    • Outline of a potential business model

    Barry James, Head of Research & Innovation, Romax Technology

9 September 202105:15

Change to Plenum

9 September 202105:20

Closing Remarks by the Chairman and CTI


Dr Hamid Vahabzadeh

Strategy Advisor,
AVL List GmbH

Sylvia Zenzinger

Sylvia Zenzinger

Conference Director,

Patrick Lindemann

President, Transmission Systems & E-Mobility, Schaeffler Group USA Inc.

Carla Bailo

Carla Bailo

President & CEO, Center for Automotive Research (CAR), USA

Greg Gardner

Greg Gardner

Director, Underbody Systems, Ford Motor Company, USA

Byungho Lee

Byungho Lee Ph.D.

Director, Propulsion System Development, Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, Inc.


Steve Rober

Head of Automotive Research and Advanced Engineering, Stellantis, USA

Ruiping Wang

Ruiping Wang

Senior Vice President of Zhejiang Geely Auto Group and President of Specialist Committee on Powertrain of Passenger Car (SCP), China

Charles Freese

Charles Freese

Executive Director, Global Fuel Cell Business, General Motors, USA

Michael Solt

Michael Solt

Global Head of Transmission, Driveline and Axles, Stellantis N. V., USA

V. Anand Sankaran

V. Anand Sankaran

Director, Electrified Powertrain Engineering, Ford Motor Company, USA

Thomas Stierle

Thomas Stierle

Executive Vice President Electrification Technology, Vitesco Technologies

William Wei

William Wei

CTO MIH & Foxconn Group

Alexander Edwards

Alexander Edwards

President, Strategic Vision, USA

Gary L. Horvat

Gary L. Horvat

Vice President – eMobility, Navistar, Inc., USA

Dr Otmar Scharrer

Dr Otmar Scharrer

Senior Vice President, Research & Development Electrified Powertrain Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany

Jeffrey Hemphill

Jeffrey Hemphill

CTO, Schaeffler Transmission Systems LLC, USA

Denise Gray

Denise Gray

President, LG Energy Solutions, USA


Dr Paul Farrell

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, BorgWarner Inc., USA

Prof. Dr Uwe-Dieter Grebe

Prof. Dr Uwe-Dieter Grebe

Executive Vice President, AVL List GmbH, Austria

Sinisa Jurkovic

Sinisa Jurkovic

Global Head of electrified Propulsion Systems & Propulsion, Stellantis, USA

Craig Renneker

Craig Renneker

Vice President Product Engineering, AAM, USA

Sam Wilkinson

Sam Wilkinson

Director, Clean Technology and Renewables, IHS Markit, UK