Agenda 2023

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23 MAY 2023

23 MAY 202304:00 - 7.00

Pre-Check-In and Reception

23 MAY 202305:00 - 09:00

Pre-Evening Reception for Delegates, Speakers, Exhibitors, Advisory Board Members Hyatt Place Novi, Fireside Lounge

24 MAY 2023

24 MAY 202307:00

Check-in & Welcome Coffee in the CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO

24 MAY 202309:20

Networking Coffee in the Exhibition

Plenary Speeches

24 MAY 202310:10

Challenges Arise – Innovation Overcomes!

24 MAY 202310:30

The Battery Challenge: Meeting the Safety and Performance Requirements for All Levels of Electrification

24 MAY 202310:50

Systematic Enhancement of the Battery Electric Vehicle Supply Chain

24 MAY 202311:10

Joint Discussion with Plenary Speakers

24 MAY 202311:30

Short Break

24 MAY 202311:45Supplier Panel

Transformation of the automotive industry from the suppliers’ point of view

In the transition towards electrification, powertrain suppliers rebuild their product portfolios. Business fields and relationships are changing.

24 MAY 202312:45

Lunch Break in the Exhibition

24 MAY 202301:45

Presentations during Lunch Break

Session D

Compatibilities of Elastomer Sealing Materials in Dielectric E-Fluids for Direct Contact, Immersive Cooling Technologies in EVs

  • Water-glycol and dielectric e-fluids
  • Elastomer use in EV thermal management systems and electric drive units
  • Chemical compatibilities of elastomers in sealing and transport of dielectric e-fluids

Mark Nevitt, Senior Applications Development Chemist, Zeon Chemicals L.P., USA


Session E

Introducing Glulock Bonding Process for Improved E-Motor Cores

  • Increased efficiency in laminations for e-motor cores
  • Energy efficiency, stack stability, and impermeability to cooling fluids
  • Thinner sheets. Greater performance. Glulock.

Markus Lock, Head of R&D and Engineering, Feintool System Parts Sachsenheim GmbH, Germany


24 MAY 202302:15


  • Electric Drives Units I
    What do Chinese and US Consumers Love and Hate About Their EV's?
    • Key finding from new vehicle experience study of Chinese and American EV buyers
    • What technology solutions are coming that will improve the adoption of EV’s
    • Will the new technologies have a significant impact on improving consumer sentiment?

    Paul Haelterman, Vice President, Strategic Vision, USA

    Presentation Title tbc

    Dapo Adewusi, F150 Lightning Vehicle Engineering Manager, Ford Motor Company, USA

    Electric Driveline Technology for Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E PERFORMANCE
    • Newly developed P3 e-drive
    • 2-speed gearbox and electronical limited slip differential
    • Performance results in practice and in-vehicle testing

    Joe Mueller, Executive Director, American Axle Manufacturing, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    The EtelligentReach Project - A new Level for Range and Dynamics
    • New benchmarks for range and dynamics
    • Next generation e-drive systems
    • Decoupling and functionality for more efficient electric vehicles

    Dr Daniel Lindvai-Soos, Director, Product Management, Magna Powertrain, Austria

    Marelli’s E-Axle Family Strategy: Agile Answer to a Moving EV Market
    • Extensive application analysis based on advanced market data processing
    • Family strategy definition for both layshaft and planetary architectures
    • More opportunities for planetary configurations?
    • Add-on systems: forced lubrication and park lock

    Rahul Plavullathil, Head of E-Axle Mechatronics Department, Marelli Europe S.p.A., Italy

  • E-Motors
    The Future of Electric Motors
    • Sustainability without compromise
    • Reducing cost and improving efficiency
    • Application-based motor optimization
    • Advanced cooling concepts

    Jonathan Getz, eMotor Customer Solutions, Schaeffler, USA

    Electric Motor Design and Optimization Principles for Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles
    • BEV light commercial vehicle simulation and relevant cycles
    • Motor simulation and tool-chain used in the electric machine design process
    • Inverter selection
    • Analysis of the different configuration vs efficiency, battery size and total vehicle weight

    Daniele Zecchetti, Electric Motor Research and Development Director, Marelli Europe S.p.A., Italy

    Highly Efficient In-Wheel Motor With Low Manufacturing Costs
    • System efficiency up to 97% and range increase up to 20% with the same battery capacity
    • Low unsprung masses and no negative impact on driving comfort and safety
    • High material utilization and very small magnet mass per torque

    Dr Alexander Rosen, Co-Founder and System Engineer, DeepDrive GmbH, Germany

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    Stator and Rotor Winding Innovations for Automotive High-Voltage E-Traction Drives
    • Improved production techs for e-traction solutions
    • Distributed high density (DHD) stator winding: An update
    • DHD stator winding for 800V e-machines
    • New rotor winding techs for high-performance EESM

    Kumar Rajasekhara, CEO and President, Marsilli North America, USA

    The Production Process of Hairpin Stators (… and What is Not on the Drawing)
    • Scalable stator production solutions – how to gain productivity
    • I-Pin production
    • What is not on the drawing – the importance of i-pin wire specification

    Matthias Weber, Technology Lead E-Mobility and Test Equipment, Felsomat GmbH Co. KG, Germany

  • Batteries I
    Battery Strategies of Stellantis: The Pathway to the Carbon Net Zero Society

    Byung-Ki Ahn, VP, Global Head of Battery Cells, Modules and Packs, Stellantis, USA

    All-Solid-State Battery with Lower Stack Pressure
    • Increasing all-solid-state battery internal particle conductivities
    • Lowering the required stack pressure in all-solid-state battery
    • Reducing the required stack-pressure by increasing internal particle conductivities in all-solid-state battery

    Dr Rashid Farahati, Director Corporate Competence Center Americas, Schaeffler Group, USA

    Battery Algorithm Development
    • State of charge estimation
    • Kalman filtering
    • Battery model calibration
    • Cell testing methodology

    Matthew Wise, Design Engineer, Schaeffler Transmission Systems, LLC, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    Megawatt Charging for E-Motorsport: From 5% to 85% (SOC) in Just Under 90 Seconds
    • Pioneering technology with extremely safe high-power battery cells for up to 3.75 MW charging power
    • FlashCharge battery for sprint and endurance e-motorsports
    • Complex tests results

    David Wollschlaeger, Engineer, hofer powertrain, Germany

    A New Patented Intrinsic Safety Battery - iBDU (intelligent Battery Disconnect Unit) with Centralization of Functions
    • Patented new intelligent battery disconnect unit is an ultimately centralized solution
    • New potentials in designing dynamic models considering performance releases, efficiency aspects, and driving behavior
    • Scaling the savings potential through several battery packs in one system

    David Wollschlaeger, Engineer, hofer powertrain, Germany

  • Thermal Management & Lubrication
    Increasing Power Density by Advanced Cooling of Electric Traction Motors
    • Combined lumped-parameter and CFD analysis methodology
    • Performance assessment of oil cooled electric motors
    • Design exploration of oil cooled electric motors.

    Robert Smyczynski, Head of Light Vehicle Innovation and Advanced Engineering, Dana Incorporated, Belgium

    Modular Electric Pumps and Drives for Cooling, Lubrication and Actuation
    • Application overview
    • Customer requirements and challenges
    • Platform development

    Alexander Reul, Manager – Advanced R&D, Buehler Motor, Germany

    New Full-Scale Testing Capabilities and Increasing Hardware Performance through Dedicated E-Fluids
    • Full-scale e-testing provides insight into lubricant impacts
    • These capabilities allow development of meaningful e-tests
    • New e-hardware test for system efficiency will be discussed
    • New e-hardware test for thermal management will be reviewed

    David Whitticar, Driveline Test Engineer – Electrification, The Lubrizol Corporation, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    How New E-Fluid Formulation Enable Efficiency and Better Performance Under High-Speed Conditions
    • Reflecting trends on adaption of ultra-low viscosity fluids for BEV
    • Efficiency driveline testing with low and ultra-low viscosity fluids
    • Formulating high performing fluids for electric racing

    Torsten Murr, Global Technology Manager Transmission Fluids, Shell Global Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Germany

    Presentation Cancelled
    Improve Performance of EV Driveline Fluids Using Synthetic Base Oils and Novel PAOs
    • Use of low-viscosity, low-volatility (LVLV) PAOs in next generation EV fluids
    • Share insights on rapid development of BEVs, our view on future fluids requirements and demand
    • Overview of new EDU designs and ways in which LVLVs meet EV fluid requirements

    Dr Rohan Hule, Global Marketing Leader, ExxonMobil Product Solutions, USA

  • E-Drive Components I
    Ultra Compact Differential, Bearing and Seal for High Power Density E-Axle
    • Volume: Differential -60% vs. standard bevel gear type
    • Width: Ball bearing -30%, oil seal -20% vs conventional
    • Power density improvement especially for co-axial type e-axle
    • Vehicle performance / efficiency improvement by LSD effect

    Makoto Nishiji, Chief Engineer, Senior General Manager, Driveline Department, JTEKT Corporation, Japan

    Scalable Torque Management Systems or How to differentiate in Electrification
    • Basic principle of eXD mechanics
    • Control strategies to enhance EV driveline challenges
    • Design challenges and opportunities due to packaging

    Mattias Magnusson, Manager Vehicle Dynamic and Hannafia Spånberg, Director Engineering Europe, BorgWarner, Sweden

    Development of Advanced Torque Vectoring System for EV: TVTC (Torque Vectoring by Twin Clutch)
    • TVTC design concept and specification
    • TVTC torque characteristics: accuracy, spin loss and response speed
    • Ride and handling characteristics on vehicle

    Hosub Lee, Senior Research Engineer, Hyundai-Wia Company, Republic of Korea

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    Tailored Actuation System for Electrified Drivetrains
    • Challenges for actuation systems in electrified drivetrains
    • Functionality of the smart hydraulic actuator and the modular architecture
    • Comparison of the smart hydraulic actuator with the other actuation concepts

    Christian Steinwandel, Chief Engineer eMobility, Schaeffler Group, USA

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  • NVH & Development Optimization
    Optimization of NHV-Behaviour and Tooth Contact Analysis with Consideration of Production Variance
    • Influence of machine gear topologies at NVH behavior
    • Generating synthetic gear topologies with scripting
    • Considering the production tolerances and machining
    • Tooth contact analysis of machined and scripted topologies

    Marcus Morgenstern, CAE Engineer, IAV GmbH, Germany

    Fault Detection and Isolation in Electric Drive Systems
    • Fault detection and isolation (FDI)
    • Fault detection and isolation and reconfiguration (FDIR)
    • Electric drive systems

    Ahmad Ghaderi, Systems Chief Engineer, Dana Incorporated, USA

    E-Mobility and the New Challenges of NVH-Testing
    • Performance and new requirements on NVH test benches
    • NVH testing of EDUs and their components
    • New special measurement systems and high frequency analyses
    • Future trends of NVH – and EMC testing

    Dr Joschi Sucker, Head of NVH Testing and Technology, ATESTEO GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    EDU Radiated Noise Simulation Using a Hybrid FEA and MBS Approach
    • MBS model with flexible bodies, driven by electromagnetic forces
    • Gear micro and macro geometry and detailed roller bearing representation
    • MBS results and acoustic FEA used to generate radiated noise levels
    • Comparison of noise levels to FEV’s test based scatterbands for EDUs

    Joern Baumann, Senior Engineer, FEV North America, Inc., USA

    Twin E-Axle System Performance Optimization Through Load Split Tuning
    • Achieving enhancements by optimization of the control strategy
    • Application of system characteristic maps to determine the best load split
    • Maximization of system reliability

    Dr Michael Leighton, Technical Expert, AVL List GmbH, Austria

24 MAY 202306:00

CTI Networking Night



Make new business contacts in a relaxed atmosphere, discuss the topics of the day with your colleagues and peers while enjoying delicious food and drinks at the CTI NETWORKING NIGHT.

Meadow Brook Hall
350 Estate Drive
Rochester, Michigan 48309-4481

25 MAY 2023

25 MAY 202307:30

Check-in & Welcome Coffee in the CTI SYMPOSIUM EXPO

Plenary Speeches

25 MAY 202308:30

Scalable Fuel Cell System Solutions for Mobility Industries with Emphasis on Heavy Duty Applications

25 MAY 202308:50

Joint Discussion with the Plenary Speakers

25 MAY 202309:50

Networking Coffee in the Exhibition

Plenary Speeches

25 MAY 202310:40

Semiconductor is a Key for the Future Smart and Green Mobility

25 MAY 202311:00

New Developments in Electric Beam Axle Technology

25 MAY 202311:20

Joint Discussion with the Plenary Speakers

25 MAY 202312:40

Lunch Break in the Exhibition

25 MAY 202301:30

Presentations during Lunch Break

Session G

How to Profitably Enter the Market and Scale in the Dynamic Electrification Space

  • Effective capital deployment and risk mitigation
  • Capital light assembly of electrification systems
  • Entering strategic markets while maintaining optionality
  • Cost-effective life cycle management of legacy products

Frank Webb, Director of Engineering, Edison Manufacturing & Engineering, USA


Session I

Grid to EV Battery: Challenges and System Approaches

  • Integrated power electronics
  • Efficient power conversion
  • Architectural future

Dr Lewei Qian, Global Director of Power Electronics, APTIV, USA


Session K

Electromagnetic Clutch Technology

  • Disconnect Application
  • Differential Locker and Axial Locker Application
  • Gear Shifting Application

Dr Yang Cao, Senior Supervisor, Jing-Jin Electric, China



25 MAY 202302:00


  • Electric Drive Units II
    eS4500i: Highly Integrated Electric Drive Unit for Multiple Applications
    • Introduction: first highly integrated Dana off-the-shelf eDrive
    • eS4500i platform: multiple options for multiple customers
    • Highly integrated layout: a closer look at motor-gearbox integration

    Marco Silvestri, Project Engineer, Dana, Italy

    Development of Highly Scalable Compact Integrated Drive Module (iDM)
    • iDM System target setting – Cost and Efficiency analysis of various system architectures
    • Challenges and impact of high-speed electric motor to iDM system – Development analysis on innovative cooling system
    • Compact iDM Design – Development of high-speed gearbox and highly integrated inverter

    Andreas Mayer, Senior Lead Engineer – Advanced E-Motor and E-Drive Engineering, BorgWarner, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    New Tech in EDUs for more Cont. Power and Overall Efficiency
    • HV e-motors with innovative form litz winding technology
    • 3-level inverter for highest power density in PE
    • HV booster – charging 800V systems at 400V stations

    Thomas Hackl, COO, hofer powertrain, Germany

    Sustainable High-Speed EDU Gen-2
    • Additive manufacturing to increase peak power & efficiency
    • How to evaluate the CO2-equivalent on an EDU
    • Design-to-CO2-eq & calculation of CO2-eq over life cycle

    Wilhelm Vallant, Product Manager, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Gen-1 EDU: Double the Power
    • 500+ kW rear EDU with torque vectoring
    • Packaging two motors in the space of one
    • Latest inverter and motor technology developed for series production
    • Real-time integrated development environment accelerated the development

    Matthew Memmer, Director of Engineering, TREMEC, USA

    Change to Plenary Hall
  • Batteries II
    Functional Safety for Electric Vehicle Switching and Protection Technology
    • Growing market, growing voltages, growing current levels
    • What could go wrong: EV system potential failure modes
    • Safety solutions: advanced EV system protection and switching

    Werner Happenhofer, VP Engineering, Eaton, USA

    Efficient Battery Repair and Diagnosis of xEV and SOH Assessment of Battery Models
    • Is an OBD diagnosis always correct? Causes of faults in the course of a battery repair
    • Efficient repair of a traction battery
    • SOH evaluation of battery modules for further use

    David Pflanzl, Product Manager E-Mobility, AVL DITest, Austria

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    Transform EV and Battery Labs into High-Performance Test Factories
    • What are the key performance indicators for running a lob on highest efficiency?
    • How to process the generated data automatically without human interaction?
    • How to manage energy consumption in realtime with prediction into the future?

    Gerald Sammer, Principal Business Development Manager, AVL List GmbH, Austria

    Understanding and Analyzing Battery Pack Energy Density
    • Transfer functions reducing cell-level energy density
    • Integration into modules and packs
    • Energy density benchmarking across disparate battery designs

    Andy Oury, Engineering Technical Leader – HV Battery Packs, General Motors, USA

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  • Inverters & DC DC Converter
    New Concept of Switching Cell for 800V SiC Inverter Application
    • Rising demand for SiC in high voltage power electronics for EVs
    • New concept of switching cell for the next generation of 800V SiC inverter

    Sanjaka Wirasingha, R&D Director – Americas, Valeo, USA

    EV Drivetrain Optimized Silicon Carbide Power Devices - Supply, Reliability and Longevity into Automotive Electrification Applications
    • Manufacturing challenges of SiC from sand & coal to finished product optimized for EV powertrain
    • SiC vertically integrated supply chain and scalability against market demand
    • Reliability of SiC EV powertrain devices in high volume – intrinsic and extrinsic considerations

    Dr Jeff Casady, Product Director, Wolfspeed, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    Technology Roadmap of Si IGBT and SiC MOSFET Modules for Main Inverter Applications
    • The functions and requirements of power modules in xEV applications
    • Technical status of power modules, and key trends in substrates, interconnection, cooling, encapsulation materials, and electric designs
    • Comparison between Si IGBT and SiC MOSFET modules based on in-house teardown studies on the latest modules on market (Denso, STMicroelectronics, Wolfspeed, etc.)

    Dr Yu Yang, Senior Technology and Market Analyst, Yole Intelligence, France

    Highly Integrated On-Board-Charger and DC/DC Converter
    • On-board charger integration with DC/DC converter
    • Common transformer core for OBC and DCDC functions
    • High power density OBC/DCDC

    Bob Li, Chief System Architect, Ricardo Plc, USA

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  • Truck Electrification
    Electrification of the HD Commercial Vehicle Market - Market and Technology Evaluation for Battery Electric Powertrains and Charging Solutions
    • Emission regulations and the inflation reduction act – Pushing e-mobility in the CV business
    • Ambitious zero emission targets of major OEM and how they want to tackle the targets set
    • Electrification penetration rate for HD CV
    • Charging hardware echnologies pushing the electrification penetration rate

    Simon Buderath, Principal Strategy and Technology, P3 USA Inc, USA

    Heavy Truck Hybridization
    • Drive cycle comparison for heavy truck hybridization
    • Heavy truck hybridization options
    • Reduction of emissions through heavy truck hybridization

    Gustavo Gomes, Program Manager, Schaeffler Group, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    Modular Electric Driveline Platform for Commercial Vehicles
    • Innovative central drive and e-axle systems for medium and heavy-duty vehicles
    • Introduction of modular e-powertrain platform components
    • Technology outlook on e-motor and power electronics

    Robert Levy, Technical Specialist, ZF CV Systems North America LLC, USA

    Commercial Fleet Vehicle Electrification - EV Platforms
    • Next generation EV platforms, ready to carry the future of E-mobility: flat, scalable and modular providing maximum efficiency and full design freedom
    • REEcorner technology with drive-by-wire, steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire capability
    • REEboard technology: a completely flat and modular electric platform

    Dario Bignamini, Head of Project & Engineering Management, Chief Engineer, REE Automotive, UK

    Making the Grade – Electrification of Commercial Duty Vehicles
    • Improving Efficiency, Performance, and Driving Experience with Sigma’s Electric Powertrains
    • Sigma Powertrain Products & Technology
    • PowerSplit Dual Mode (PSDM)

    John Kimes, Founder & CEO, Sigma Powertrain, USA

  • E-Drive Components II
    The Invasion of Consumer Electronics Players: New OEMs Strategies and the Impacts on the Powertrain Supply Chain
    • Detailed examination of the strategies of OEMs from consumer electronics
    • Impacts on the e-axle and potential integration of other systems/controllers
    • Future mode in BEV: enclosed chassis and contract manufacturing

    Dr Yu Yang, Senior Technology and Market Analyst, Yole Intelligence, France

    Hidden Power Electronics Cost Drivers in the Development of E-Drive Systems
    • Cost focus transition from ICEs to electric drive systems
    • Cost impacts of over-specified system functions
    • Cost structure of the inverter and the main cost influences

    Jeffrey Musson, Head of Systems Development, GKN Automotive, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    Magnetic Speed Sensor Revolution by Introducing New Sensing Technology
    • TMR – new sensing technology optimized for the use at speed sensor
    • Higher accuracy and flexibility in magnetic circuits and module design
    • Rotational speed sensor
    • Functional safety

    Yunfeng Li, Senior Application Engineer, Infineon Technologies Austria AG

    Novel Multi-Functional Shift System for EV Drivetrains
    • Evolution of shift systems and the transition to EV drivetrains
    • Challenges and needs for next generation EV drivetrain systems
    • New powershift technology with integrated one-way-clutch functionality
    • New multi-functional torque management systems for disconnect and multi-speed shifting

    John Jennings, Director of eMobility and Innovation, Amsted Automotive, USA

    Superior Performance Friction Systems for Multiple e-Axle Architecture
    • Clutch based torque distribution in the BEV powertrain
    • Effect of efluids on tribology and material formulation
    • Application specific material requirements

    Christoph Hagauer, Engineering Manager ePowertrain, Miba Frictec GmbH, Austria

    Change to Plenary Hall
  • EDU Optimization and Digital Twins
    Efficiency and Range Determination Aspects for EDU and BEV
    • Test methods for vehicle range determination
    • Test methods and case studies for electric drivetrain efficiency evaluations
    • Vehicle thermal management and influence to driving range

    Tom D’Anna, Director, eMobility – Validation & Controls, FEV, USA

    Optimal Sizing of Electric Drives for BEV Through Vehicle-Level Simulation
    • Dynamic vehicle simulation toolchain using MATLAB/Simulink
    • Modeling of electric drives for light-duty vehicles
    • Validation of vehicle models with real-world data
    • Data-driven optimization for powertrain components

    Sandeep Saini, Sr. Staff Systems Engineer, Technology & Innovation North America, Vitesco Technologies, USA

    Networking Time and Visit of the Exibition
    How to Improve Sustainability of an Electric Vehicle with Torque Vectoring
    • High-speed electric motor technologies
    • Reduction of critical materials and recycling of electric motors
    • Torque vectoring control improves stability, safety and increases vehicle dynamics
    • High-speed 500 kW electric drive unit with 4.3 kW/kg power sensity

    Mathias Deiml, Center Leader, AVL Software and Functions GmbH, Germany

    Demonstrating a Cloud-Based Gearbox Digital Twin Using Telematics Data for Reliability Predictions
    • Creating a digital twin that actually works
    • Setting up the communication infrastructure
    • Challenges, solutions, results and future prospects

    Lou Long, Business Development Director, Hexagon, USA

    Accelerating Development of a High Performance E-Axle Leveraging Digital Twin
    • System complexity drives need for digital twin approach
    • System modeling performance and thermal behavior of integrated inverter, e-machines and axle
    • Mission cycle sensitivity on thermal behavior and system performance
    • Correlating digital twin models using design development tools and bench data

    Dr Matti Vint, Director Vehicle Electrification, Marelli North America, USA

    Change to Plenary Hall
25 MAY 202305:15

Summary and Closing by the Chairman

25 MAY 202305:30


Patrick Lindemann

President, E-mobility & Chassis Mechatronics Americas, Schaeffler Group USA Inc.

Sylvia Zenzinger

Conference Director,
CTI SYMPOSIUM, Car Training Institute

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson

Vice President, Global Electrification and Battery Systems, General Motors, USA

Micky Bly

Micky Bly

Senior Vice President, Head of Global Propulsion Systems, Stellantis, USA

Greg Gardner

Greg Gardner

Director, Underbody Systems, Ford Motor Company, USA

Brian Schneidewind

Brian Schneidewind

Vice President, Powertrain Design, Toyota Motor North America

Jeffrey Hemphill

Jeffrey Hemphill

Vice President and CTO, Schaeffler Group USA, Inc.

Dr Thomas Hülshorst

Dr Thomas Hülshorst

Group Vice President Electric Powertrain, FEV Group GmbH, Germany


Erich Banhegyi

Vice President Business Unit Electrification North America,
Robert Bosch LLC, USA


Dr Jörg Trampler

Director of Engineering, Center North America, Car Powertrain Technology, ZF North America, Inc., USA

Harry Husted

Harry Husted

CTO, BorgWarner Propulsion Technical Center, USA

Craig Renneker

Craig Renneker

Vice President Product Engineering – Driveline, AAM, USA

Pedro Garcia

Pedro Garcia

Head of Propulsion Engineering, Nikola Corporation, USA

Dr Mircea Gradu

Dr Mircea Gradu

Senior Vice President and Chief Engineering Officer, Ballard Power Systems, Inc., USA

Josh Anderson

Josh Anderson

Chief Technology Officer, Workhorse, USA

Joe Palazzolo

Joe Palazzolo

Director EV Strategy, Dana Inc., USA

Claire McConnell

Claire McConnell

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Proterra, USA

Gerhard Meister

Gerhard Meister

Vice President Business Field Electrification, AVL List GmbH, Austria

Patrick Leteinturier

Patrick Leteinturier

Fellow Automotive Systems, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

John Juriga

John Juriga

Global Head of Energy Management and Vehicle Performance, Stellantis, USA

Jason Gies

Jason Gies

VP, Product and Channel Management, ABB E-mobility, USA

Don Hillebrand

Don Hillebrand

Deputy Associate Director, Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Alex Keros

Alex Keros

Director, EV Infrastructure Development, General Motors, USA

Matthew Stover

Director Charging & Energy Services, Ford Motor Company, USA

Christopher P. Thomas

Christopher P. Thomas

Senior Fellow on Product & Technology Strategy, NIO, USA