The Ford MHT: Reinventing what is possible in a Hybrid vehicle

The future of Modular Hybrid Transmissions (MHTs) at Ford is exciting as we build upon on our experience with hybrid vehicle design in order to realize the full potential of the technology and innovate to deliver the next ‘AND solution’ to our customers. We know that our customers have high expectations of their vehicles and we believe that Ford’s new generation of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) must deliver best in class fuel economy, range and emissions AND be fun to drive, offering great performance, providing heavy towing capability, uncompromised cargo space, and offer added functionality that they may not anticipate from an HEV.
The key design features and innovative integration of the MHT module into our 10-speed transmission are detailed in this presentation along with the proof points of the MHT attributes in the 20MY Ford Explorer and Police Interceptor Utility. The new Ford MHT design demonstrates how Ford’s future propulsion systems raise the standard on hybrid vehicles by delivering no-compromise solutions and enhanced features to even our most demanding customers.

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