What is the DCFC rate needed for BEVs to accelerate market growth?

What is the DC fast charge rate needed for BEVs to accelerate market growth?’ Almost half the audience wanted 100 miles per minute, the equivalent of a slow conventional refuelling stop. Many participants thought 20 miles per minute was still acceptable; few were ready to settle for less. According to Tarnowsky there is a chicken-and-egg problem here: to make growing the charging infrastructure worthwhile, charging systems need to be in use all the time. Gary Horvat said things were a little easier in the commercial vehicle sector, especially buses; where you drive by day, then charge at night using your own infrastructure. That was easier to plan than using a public charging infrastructure.

Although the podium discussion obviously could not give definitive answers to all these questions, it did yield one clear insight: Extra costs without extra benefits won’t cut it in the mainstream. As Alexander Edwards knows from experience: “Automobile buyers want to save money, not the planet. The willingness to spend more is zero.”

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